Jonathan Blangenois

Jonathan Blangenois

Edda Luxembourg

Jonathan is an Enterprise Architect at Edda, where he guides C-level executives in the process of planning and designing the IT/IS capabilities of an enterprise in order to meet the desired organizational objectives. Jonathan has worked for a diversified customer portfolio spread over several business sectors and officiated as facilitator in Luxembourgish and Belgium partnerships (online payments, trust services, digital ID). Jonathan’s research in architecture has been published in IEEE and ACM conferences. When he isn’t glued to a computer screen, he spends time with his electric guitar trying to master the power of metal, not to be cool, but because a magician told him that it’s the only way to summon a unicorn.



Track : Mobile, IoT, AR

Type de présentation : Conference

RFID - Privacy killer?

For over two decades, radio‐frequency identification technology (RFID) has been the benchmark of technological innovation in scenarios of mass identification and traceability. RFID technology allows for identifying thousands of items in a few seconds, without direct line‐of‐sight between the RFID antennas (reader) and the items to identify (RFID tags), reaching up to several meter of reading distance. Nowadays, the use of this technology is a pervasive phenomenon that has helped companies to reduce their costs and provide new services to customers, but a which cost for our privacy? During the presentation, we will discuss the architecture of RFID system, how nowadays operators are implementing it and how they face threats and risks. Then we will analyze the impacts of these systems on us as customers and how we can protect our privacy.