Maroua Ezouhri

Maroua Ezouhri

Wafa Assurance

Maroua ezouhri is a Moroccan Customer and User experience designer who is also a google woman techmaker ambassador. In 2019 she was offered the title of Figma advocate as the first and only woman in mena region to help spread the value of solving problems by design, At a young age, she has proven the ability to create teams that work strategically, and think creatively, deliver high-quality products. Currently, she’s the Customer Experience lead at Wafa insurance. Community Lover Diversity fighter. #FreeSpirit

Twitter : @ezouhrimaroua



Track : Accessibility, Web UI & UX

Type de présentation : Quickie

Design Innovative solutions to real-world challenges

Create a process that starts with the people you're designing for and ends with tailor-made solutions to meet their needs.