Mohammed Aboullaite

Mohammed Aboullaite


Mohammed is a community catalyst, a true open source believer, and has contributed to various open-source projects. He currently works at Spotify as a Backend engineer

Twitter : @laytoun


Track : Devops, Agile, Methodology & Tests

Type de présentation : Conference

Move fast Build things… Safely!

The demand for speed and innovation is everywhere. However, that enthusiasm sometimes creates conflict when it butts up against security, resiliency and reliability concerns. In some cases, the dogged hunt to increase velocity can introduce new challenges and risks (e.g., skipped process gates, insufficient testing…). On the other hand, Formula 1 is one of the fastest and dangerous motorsports in the world. However, the safety of the drivers come always first with many regulations and checks to ensure it. In this talk, we are going to discuss different principles followed in Formula 1 and what lessons we can learn from and adopt in the way we design, architect, ship and secure our systems.