Nikolaos Ballas

Nikolaos Ballas

Eurofins Scientific S.A.

Director Cloud Engineering and IAM

Twitter : @nmpallas



Track : Architecture, Performance and Security

Type de présentation : Conference

The transition of security models in the cloud era

In this presentation we will navigate on how the different security models have evolved throughout the last 20 years. This will reflect also the changes on the software engineering world. We target getting through the different security modes , from lock down data centers , to open dc infrastructures and cloud. We will point out the key differences on the above infrastructures and the security models around them. Presentation of that in typical small demo applications will be given. At the end we will focus on the new era of cloud and zero trust architecture , that changed the way we see security the last years. We will explain that the migration to the new security model paradigm is a digital transformation journey and requires investment on both technology, but also the way people think and react. In the new desert plains of Cloud the security,identity is the new perimeter of the new security model. Also how the traditional security tools evolved. At the end of this presentation the attendees should have the necessary information to create secure architectures, hardening the security posture of their system