Omar Mellouli

Omar Mellouli


Omar MELLOULI is a Conversational AI Consultant. He holds a Software Engineer degree. He worked for large sized companies including General Electric Healthcare, SFR, Egencia (Expedia), SNCF and Carrefour. Omar has a real interest in conversational domain since 2017, he worked as an Agile Coach and Developer at, He contributed to the development of several features of OuiBot that won the price of Best Robot Experience in France many times. He worked also with Transilien as an Agile Coach to deliver the first version of Tilien Chatbot. Since 2019, Omar works as Consultant (Technical Lead Conversational) at Carrefour for several projects of virtual assistant and Chatbot using Boticot.

Twitter : @omar_mellouli


Track : Big Data, Machine Learning, IA & Analytics

Type de présentation : Quickie

Développer un bot sur Messenger avec Boticot

Vous souhaitez créer votre bot prochainement ? la présentation est faite pour vous !

A l'issue de cette présentation, vous allez savoir comment développer un bot à partir de zéro sur Messenger en se basant sur l'outil open source Boticot utilisé actuellement par les assistants virtuels de Carrefour.