Serverless Containers with Google Cloud Run



Track : Cloud & Scaling

Niveau de la présentation : beginner/novice

Salle : AmigaOS

Horaire : Wednesday 13:45 14:10

Résumé de la présentation :

It doesn't always have to be Kubernetes. With Cloud Run, the Google Cloud Platform offers an alternative to operate containers with minimal effort. A usage-based pricing model and automatic scaling (also to zero instances) make Cloud Run interesting for various projects.

In this session we will get to know this approach better and we will deal with its strengths and weaknesses. The deployment and integration with other Google Cloud services will be demonstrated using an application for tracking sea freight containers.

Room AmigaOS

Michael Follmann Michael Follmann

Michael is a passionate agile software developer and IT consultant with a strong focus on building custom web applications. Over the years of his professional experience, he became a versatile application developer and architect that enjoys sharing his project experience working with containers and cloud infrastructures.