Scaling a dormant Java application from 0 to 100 pods in seconds? Quarkus and Knative to the rescue!



Track : Cloud & Scaling

Niveau de la présentation : Intermediate

Salle : Linux

Horaire : Tuesday 10:15 11:15

Résumé de la présentation :

This session demonstrates how Java can effectively be used to face the challenges of the modern cloud native event driven world. Quarkus, is a fantastic new Java runtime, based on your all familiar Java standards, that brings developer joy through live coding, continuous testing, unified configs and automatic provisioning and application wiring of supporting services, and more. But what's really great about Quarkus from an operational viewpoint, is its super fast startup time. We'll show you how this is really key to being able to respond to fluctuating events where sometimes nothing is coming in, and sometimes there's a flood of requests coming in, be it from a cron job, a Kafka stream, a message Broker, http requests, etc. In the traditional world you'd have to either way overprovision for the eventuality of a burst of data and pay lots of money and waste energy to keep it running; or you could underprovision and not be able to respond to all the requests. With Knative, Quarkus and Kubernetes, this is a trivial thing to do.

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Kevin Dubois Kevin Dubois

Kevin Dubois is a Developer Advocate at Red Hat. He previously worked as a (Lead) Software Engineer at a variety of organizations ranging from small startups to large US enterprises and even the Belgian public sector. In between fixing production bugs at 4AM and fighting the business to allow time to reduce technical debt, he would contemplate on how to make life easier for developers. This is why he is now on a mission to supercharge developer productivity while making coding fun again, the Open Source way. He is currently particularly excited about Quarkus, Event & Domain Driven Architectures, Serverless and Red Hat’s developer-focused Kubernetes solution, Openshift.