Margarita Nedzelska

Margarita Nedzelska


Margarita is a big Kotlin fan and Kotlin GDE. Knows both conference sides: speaking and organizing. Organized a KUG in her native city Kyiv because she believes in Knowledge Sharing and Collective Intelligence. For her everyday job, she's building Static Code Analysis tools for Java/Kotlin/Scala and other languages.

Twitter : @jMargaritaN


Track : Languages

Type de présentation : Conference

A Healthy diet for your Java application

Have you ever faced OutOfMemoryError? Was it in your CI or during the local run? Maybe you faced it as a user while playing your favorite video game or using online banking to pay your bills.

That’s annoying, isn’t it? Every time we give the application more and more memory, it seems never enough…

In Sonar we know how important it is to use memory efficiently. As our tools are often a part of your ci jobs, we care how much you spend on the infrastructure and try to minimize the cost.

So in this session, I will try to share some tips for investigating, fixing, and preventing potential memory leaks and reducing the memory footprint. In simple words, I will show how you can help your applications eat memory « healthier ».