Laurent KRATZ

Laurent KRATZ


Laurent Kratz is an Internet Entrepreneur, Founder of several start-ups. He is the CEO of NEOFACTO a software services company. In 2005, he founded Jamendo, a popular music platform. In the FinTech ecosystem, Laurent KRATZ started Scorechain, a company that does AML for crypto finance.

Twitter : @lkratz



Track : Future, AI & Robotics

Type de présentation : Keynote

Coding to the Beat: When AI Joins the Band

In "Coding to the Beat: When AI Joins the Band," we explore the thrilling intersection of artificial intelligence and music. Dive into how AI is tuning up to compose, produce, and shake up the music scene. We'll address key ethical quandaries: who's the true rockstar when AI composes a song? Rather than upstaging human musicians, could AI become their harmonious collaborator?

No need for prior musical or AI knowledge - just your curiosity and love for a good beat. So, let's jam with the rhythms and algorithms in the world of AI and music!