Maxime Janvier

Maxime Janvier

Lancey Energy Storage

Lead developer in software development specialized in energy management systems

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Track : Languages

Type de présentation : Conference

Elixir: a potion to mix complexity and concurrency in real-time

Distribution, high fault tolerance, real-time, and zero-downtime deployment are the promises that Ericsson made for its telephony networks back in 1986 with the Erlang language and the Open Telecom Platform. 36 years later, the software industry is still searching for new approaches to ensure high availability and continuous deployment of its applications. What if the solution was already in front of us? Built on the Erlang ecosystem, the Elixir language, starting from 2011, offers a new modern ecosystem growing in web development, streaming, data analysis, machine learning, and more.

If learning to launch 100,000 processes in parallel doesn't scare you, join me for a full 45-minute tour of the Elixir language and understand why the strengths of a language and its ecosystem help adopt the software architecture principles that are dear to us, such as Domain-Driven Design, monoliths, or microservices.