Why Kotlin is the better Java and how you can start using it


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Using Kotlin makes your code shorter, safer, more fun to write and easier to read! Kotlin is so much more than just syntactic sugar for Java, it is a different and better way of programming.

This talk will highlight some key aspects of Kotlin by comparing it to the “old Java way” to get you hooked. Afterwards, I will show you how easily you can start your own journey to improving your life (or at least your code) by using Kotlin. And along the way, I’ll share some stories of my own experience working in a team of Java engineers switching to Kotlin.

Iris Hunkeler

Iris Hunkeler

Iris is a passionate software engineer with experience from multiple launches of software solutions for clients in public administration, e-commerce and banking. She has worked not only as a developer, but also as scrum master, project manager, business analyst and requirements engineer. Her motivation stems from finding achievable and elegant solutions to complex problems which help her clients reach their individual goals. She is passionate about Kotlin, cloud, agile work and DevOps. Iris currently works at Netlight in Zurich.

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