Building for Enterprise by Testing OSS: One Codebase to Rule Them All


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Scheduled at : Wednesday 17:00 18:00


At Redis, we build our cloud offering, and Open-Source packages for Redis Stack, on OSS Redis, and our OSS modules. Doing so involves multiple build systems, and one that signs binaries, and packages for various platforms, and testing.

This talk will highlight how we build and maintain various packages for multiple target operating systems. We'll discuss the level of testing, and security that goes into the pipeline, as well as the details around code signing, and key validation. We'll highlight how different parts of the enterprise, from open to closed source make use of the various artifacts, either signed, or hashed. Finally, we'll discuss the philosophy on testing itself and lessons learned along the way.

After attending this talk, you will leave with an open-source repository as a baseline, an in-depth understanding of how artifacts can be built and tested for multiple target operating systems, and a deep love for python. Plus sarcasm, there will be sarcasm.

Chayim Kirshen

Chayim Kirshen

Chayim is a software industry veteran with over twenty years of experience. He has helped release several operating systems, contributed to a variety of open-source projects, and shipped product at scale. With experience contributing at SGI, Autodesk, SuSE, and others, Chayim has helped organizations scale their codebase, development teams while increasing both the speed and quality of software releases.

Today, Chayim works at Redis, mentoring developers, coding, and speaking multiple languages.

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Presentation type Conference, 45mn
Track Devops, Agile, Methodology & Tests
Presentation level beginner/novice
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