RPW-8010 Identity management with open source solution - midPoint | Voxxed Days

Voxxed Days Luxembourg 2019
from Thursday 20 June to Friday 21 June 2019.

   Identity management with open source solution - midPoint


Beginner & novice level
AmigaOS Thursday from 15:00 til 15:50

Identity and access management (IAM) is a well-known acronym. However there is some confusion what exactly is identity management, access management, single sign-on and so on. And identity governance (IGA) is not well known at all. We can explain all those concepts using midPoint as an example. MidPoint is an open source identity management (IDM) and identity governance (IGA) system. It is a unique system as it is the only open source system that provides comprehensive identity governance features. And it is also one of the few systems in existence that combines IDM and governance features in a single product.

The talk will start with a short introduction to traditional IDM systems with the comparison to SSO solutions. Using midPoint‘s architecture as an example it will be shown how different systems can be connected to and managed by midPoint to keep the identities synchronized and consistent among them. As the result of previous, we will dive deeper to APIs provided by midPoint. The talk is intended for developers, administrators, identity engineers and all open-source enthusiasts.

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Katarína Valaliková
Katarína Valaliková
From Evolveum

Graduated from the Slovak Technical University with a master degree in Software Engineering. At the time she works for Evolveum as a Java developer and Identity Engineer. She is a part of a core development team of midPoint, open source identity management and governance system.

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