SCV-1668 API for Databases : REST, GRPC, GRAPHQL which one should you pick ? | Voxxed Days

Voxxed Days Luxembourg 2019
from Thursday 20 June to Friday 21 June 2019.

   API for Databases : REST, GRPC, GRAPHQL which one should you pick ?


Server Side
Server Side
Beginner & novice level
NT Thursday from 16:15 til 17:05

Depending on your use cases you may need to access databases with different patterns: CRUD, commands, Streaming, Batches, Asynchronous, Reactive

At DataStax, the developer advocates team implements reference applications for developers. We had the chance to implement multiple approaches and can provide feedback. is one of this application, it has been written in 4 languages (Java, C#, NodeJS, Python) and implement API with REST, Grpc and GraphQL.

Though live session, browsing real code, you will see implementation details, lessons learnt and get working source code in Github as takeaway.

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Cedrick Lunven
Cedrick Lunven
From DataStax

Cedrick is Developer Advocate at DataStax where he finds opportunities to share his passions by speaking about developing distributed architectures and implementing reference applications for developers. In 2013, he created FF4j, an open source framework for Feature Toggle which he still actively maintains. He is now contributor in JHipster team.

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