VHT-8666 Leading a community-driven open source project | Voxxed Days Luxembourg

Leading a community-driven open source project


agTest DevOps, Agile, Methodology & Tests


Thursday from 10:15 til 11:15

This talk is a return of experience of 20 years developing open source software at the Apache Software Foundation (Jakarta Cactus, Apache Maven), at Codehaus (Cargo) and on the XWiki open source project (last 10 years).

Through the example of the XWiki open source project, the talk will tackle best practices and governance rules for running community-driven open source projects and it'll also tackle the difficult topic of how to run such a project when there are companies making money from the open source project behind the scene.

Examples of topics that will be covered:

  • Committership
  • Development best practices
  • Roadmap definitions
  • Fully automating software releases
  • Handling companies
  • Tracking who's using your project
Vincent Massol Vincent Massol