Olivier Leplus

Olivier Leplus


Developer Relation Program Manager at Microsoft and Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies. I love to share knowledge (and love) among developers and people in general.

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Track : Devops, Agile, Methodology & Tests

Type de présentation : Conference

Mutation Testing: Did my test break my code ? 🤔

Last week, you spend the last 2 days writing plenty of tests. Your code coverage was 100% so you thought you could safely leave on a weekend ✈️🏖️

But on Monday, your inbox is flooded with new bug reports. What happened!? What did you miss?

In this talk, we present Mutation testing which is a technique to evaluate the quality of tests beyond the number of lines tested. Mutation testing is based on creating a changed copy of the code to ensure a software test suite is able to detect the changes.

How do we create Mutation tests? How does it work? What are the advantages and drawbacks of Mutation tests? All these questions will be answered with a demo in this talk.

Come and discover what Mutation testing is and how can we implement it to ensure the quality of our test suites.