Rudy De Busscher

Rudy De Busscher


Rudy loves to create (web) applications with the Java EE platform and MicroProfile implementations and is currently working for MicroStream as Developer Advocate. He helps customers, writes technical content, and helps people to write the best application ever.

He is active in the IT industry for more than 20 years and created many applications for customers. He is also a big fan of OpenSource and helped in various OpenSource projects. He is also passionate about Web Application Security using OAuth2, OpenID Connect, and JWT. He maintains the Octopus OpenSource project and is a member of the Jakarta EE Security API team.

Twitter : @rdebusscher



Track : Architecture, Performance and Security

Type de présentation : Quickie

Faster Data Access with MicroStream

Microservices are used more and more but many of them need to access data. Using a database is well established but also slow as data need to be retrieved from an external system in another format and structure and thus requires a mapping.

With MicroStream, you can realise ultra-fast data processing since it uses just your POJOs in memory. Microsecond query time, low-latency data access, and gigantic data throughput are realised very easily. The Java instances that make up your data are serialised to an external system fast and secure.

This quicky shows how quickly and easy it is to realise blasing fast data access in your microservices environment.