Vadym Kazulkin

Vadym Kazulkin


Vadym Kazulkin is Head of Development at ip.labs GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of the FUJIFLM Group, based in Bonn. ip.labs is the world's leading white label e-commerce software imaging company. Vadym has been involved with the Java ecosystem for over twenty years. His focus and interests currently include the design and implementation of highly scalable and available applications, container and orchestration technologies, Serverless and AWS Cloud. Vadym is the co-organizer of the Java User Group Bonn and Serverless Bonn Meetup, and a frequent speaker at various Meetups and conferences.

Twitter : @VKazulkin


Track : Cloud & Scaling

Type de présentation : Conference

Adapting Java for the Serverless world

Java is for many years one of the most popular programming languages, but it used to have hard times in the Serverless Community. Java is known for its high cold start times and high memory footprint. For both you have to pay to the cloud providers of your choice. That's why most developers tried to avoid using Java for such use cases. But the times change: Community and cloud providers improve things steadily for Java developers. In this talk we look at the features and possibilities AWS cloud provider offers for the Java developers and look the most popular Java frameworks, like Micronaut, Quarkus and Spring (Boot) and look how (AOT compiler and GraalVM native images play a huge role) they address Serverless challenges and enable Java for broad usage in the Serverless world.